EWES office is located at Bansbari, Kathmandu, Nepal. The premise comprises of 410 sqm. of fully furnished office space including library and meeting hall. The firm possesses full range of equipment and facilities required for a modern consulting office and is equipped with adequate reprographic facilities.
Computer System
EWES has introduced computers in its operation right from the establishment of its office. Most of the professionals and support staff are computer literates. At present the Company possess more than 24 desktop computers and 4 laptop computers along with printers, plotters and power backup systems for production and operational activities.. All computers are connected in a Local Area Network (LAN). The company has been utilizing following

software packages:

•Word Processors

• Spread Sheets

• Database

• Statistical Packages

• Programming Languages

• Pipe design

• Topographic Survey programs

• Structural Design

• “Project Management

• Accounting

• Auto-Cad,3D Max, Sketchup, revit Arch (BIM)

• Windows.